The Academy of Useless Knowledge of the Irreverant Brethren

A liberal arts, discussion-based academy of higher learning based on the honor system and the students’ desires to learn and improve themselves without the need or goal of earning a degree, proving oneself through examination, or even necessarily improving one’s rèsumè (though any employer paying attention to one’s desire to improve oneself and the results thereof would be worth at least a request for employment).

Applicants for admission must demonstrate a desire to learn that trumps a desire to earn a degree, a longing to pursue horizons yet surpassed within personal experience and education, and the capacity and/or willingness to listen rather than just waiting for one’s turn to speak (remedial lessons on listening skills are available by request). All students will be expected to teach someone something at some point during their tenure at the Academy. All students must demonstrate an ability to pass wisdom and learning to fellow students; this will be the main assessment of the student’s education at the Academy.

Courses of study will include but will not be limited to classical language, modern language, philosophy, science, literature, mathematics, the Great Works of the Western World collection, history, music, art, theatre, and anything else which the students/teachers deem interesting, edifying, and worthy of study.

Each term will last as long as is needed. A course of study can be completed in a single term or in perpetuity, but the goal of study at the Academy is to create and equip lifelong students.

Current courses being pursued: Political Theory (with reading Rousseau’s The Social Compact), Theory of Consciousness (with special concentration on the origin and ontology of consciousness), The Social Evolution of the Human Race (with considerations of pre- and post-Civilization humanity, vís a vís the nature of ‘civilization’ as an evolutionary trait of the human race), and of course, Varieties and Nuances of Beer.

Upcoming intra-scholastic events: The Devil’s Advocate Discussion, in which two students from opposite viewpoints will prepare to discuss the topic at which they differ as a conversant from the other side of the issue.


2 comments on “The Academy of Useless Knowledge of the Irreverant Brethren

  1. How does one gain admittance to this Ideal academy?

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